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Restaurants Choose Frylow

Save up to 50% or more on your frying oil costs

Restaurants Choose Frylow

Restaurants Choose Frylow. Developed for the highly competitive tempura restaurant industry in Japan, Frylow technology is now a top choice for restaurants with deep fryers worldwide.

Here are some of the reasons you’ll find Frylow in restaurants and commercial kitchens everywhere.

Better Quality Fried Food

Get more flavor at a lower cost. Frylow conditions your fry oil so that food absorbs a lot less oil. The result is lighter, crispier, tastier fried food that your customers will love!

In test after test by the Master Chefs’ Institute, fryers with Frylow made better tasting fried food than fryers without it. Thanks to these excellent results, the institute awarded Frylow its Seal of Excellence.

Frylow also cuts out flavor cross-contamination. If you don’t want your fries to taste like onion rings or your mozzarella sticks to taste like calamari, just add Frylow to your deep fryer.

Momo’s Testimonial

Our ROI on Frylow was 3-4 months. […] Apple Core is still saving $1,200 per month per location two years later. It’s almost like printing money.

Dusty Jensen
COO, Apple Core Enterprises

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Cost Savings and High Return on Investment

Frylow saves your restaurant 50% or more on oil costs by extending the life of your fry oil. Use the same oil but change it less often.

Savings add up fast, so Frylow quickly pays for itself. With a 5-year warranty, you can look forward to years of savings to come.

Easy to Use and Works with Any Deep Fryer and Fry Oil

Frylow works just by being in the oil. No switches, plugs, power cords, or moving parts. Place the Frylow in any empty deep fryer, fill the fryer with your favorite oil, and you’re ready to go!

Restaurants Choose Frylow

Green Key Global

No Recurring Costs

Unlike filters and powders, Frylow has no recurring costs. It doesn’t use any power or need any replacement parts. There’s nothing to refill or replace.

Less Waste

Fry oil lasts a lot longer with Frylow, which means less frequent changes and less wasted oil. Your restaurant will also cut down on plastic waste because you won’t need to order as many drums of oil. Frylow also requires a lower cooking temperature, which saves electricity.

Green Key Global has labeled Frylow as an eco-friendly product.

Guaranteed Fry Oil Cost Reduction

Extend Frying Oil Life