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Save on Frying Oil with a Clean and Low Maintenance Solution from Frylow

No Filters. No Powders. No Ongoing Costs.

Get healthier fried food and save on frying oil costs without a filter or a chemical additive. Frylow is a clean and simple way to supercharge your fry oil.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens can save up to 50% or more on frying oil costs with a Frylow in the deep fryer.

No moving parts, no chemicals. Frylow changes the molecular structure of your fry oil which extends the life of the oil, reduces absorption and produces healthier deep fried food. A single Frylow will be effective for years and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Save on Frying Oil with Frylow. Not an oil filter or chemical powder

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Trusted in Restaurants across Canada

I operate 10 Montana’s in Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Frylow about their product and how it works, they stated I’d save 50% of my oil, save on energy and the food quality would actually get better. I agreed to a meeting and went over everything from ease of execution, Operational intrusion etc. So I agreed to have it tested at my lowest sales location and the results were overwhelming! ROI within 6 months and a 5 year warranty to boot! It was a no brainer to get it for all of my other 9 locations. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and have never seen these results! Thanks Frylow.

Tony Pereira
Operating Partner
Fire Inspired Foods

Get a Quick Return on Investment with Frylow

Frylow not only cuts operating costs by extending oil life, it also lowers utility costs by frying food at a lower temperature and reduces staff time spent on changing oil. In most cases, Frylow saves enough to pay for itself in a matter of months.

Savings, ease of maintenance, and the 5-year warranty make Frylow a great investment. But don’t just take our word for it — here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Recently we have started using the Frylow system and we are very impressed by how much longer it has extended the life of our cooking oil and with the product that now comes from our deep fryers.

Since installing the Frylow units in our fryers we have been able to almost double our oil life. This translates into a savings of $18,000 per year and the units paid for themselves in 3 months! Combined with the five-year warranty this move was a no-brainer and I would highly recommend any restaurant incorporate it into their business. As well the products coming from the fryer are lighter in colour which makes for a nicer presentation and the food retains more flavour too.

If you are using deep fryers, you should be using Frylow.

Mike Campbell
General Manager
Longwood Brew Pub & Restaurant

Being in the Restaurant industry for 25 years cost controlling is a major job in this industry. I heard about Frylow through a few Franchisees and then started to investigate.

I called Chris and discussed with him the whole program. I tested it in our one location and immediately got the results that Chris talked to me about. The product quality was an instant improvement. The system is easy to use and maintain. I have since rolled it out to my second location. My ROI will be 7 months and having a 5 year guarantee makes it a great investment. Thanks Chris.

David Czarnik
Kelsey’s Restaurant

We have been using our Frylow device for a couple of years now at our property. I am thrilled with the savings, especially during this time of constant food inflation. Even more exciting is the quality difference it makes in our fried items. Fried food is about texture, taste and colour and we have seen a big improvement in quality of fried items in addition to the cost savings. I highly recommend the product and the ROI, 50 % savings and extended oil life makes it an easy decision.

Executive Chef / Food and Beverage Director
Project Lead Atlific Culinary Advisory Team
Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre

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