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What is Frylow?

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Frylow Model Specifications

Frylow is an easy-to-use ceramic device that instantly saves money and improves food quality.

Just place Frylow in any commercial deep fryer (down below the fry baskets) and leave it there. Frylow works just by being in the oil.

Frylow is an oil-extending device – not a filter or powder. Frylow has an anti-oxidant effect that doubles fry oil life. And an anti-absorption effect that reduces fried food oil content.

Frylow is a one-time purchase that lasts indefinitely and quickly pays for itself.  There are no recurring expenses. Frylow comes with a 5-year warranty.

Master Chefs' Institute Seal of Excellence

Thousands of Restaurants Nationwide Use Frylow

After over 25 years in the foodservice industry, I have never seen a product demonstration as jaw-dropping as that of Frylow. The improvements it can make to product quality, consistency, and the bottom-line are instantly apparent and almost miraculous.

Alan Wise
Director of Purchasing
Levy Golf

Levy Golf

Frylow: Guaranteed Oil Cost Reduction

Frylow Works Wonders

Frylow increased our oil life from 3-4 days to 10-12.  Better tasting, more evenly cooked product.

Jeff Blair, DOO
Hoosier Hospitality (IN)

Ruth's Chris Steak House

We now change oil every 4-5 days instead of every 2.  Our fried items taste better.

Andy Bayless
Operations Partner (AZ)

Buffalo Wild Wings

Frylow has doubled our oil life for 2 years now.

Rich Melman
Founder and Chairman