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How Frylow Works

how Frylow works

Supercharge Your Fry Oil with Frylow

Frylow technology optimizes fry oil to slow degradation and improve the quality of fried food.

How can a simple ceramic device do so much? The secret is electrons.

Oxidation: Why Fry Oil Degrades

When exposed to heat, moisture, air, and food particles such as breading and spices, fry oil molecules lose electrons. This is a natural process called oxidation.

Without these electrons, your oil loses the power to make good food. Oil molecules clump together and the oil turns dark.

The Science of Frylow

How Frylow Fights Fry Oil Oxidation

Frylow works at the molecular level by recharging your fry oil with new electrons. These electrons are just what your fry oil needs to stay lighter longer.

The way Frylow works is very simple. A Frylow device is a set of high-performance ceramic tiles. These tiles reflect UV light to infuse your fry oil with the electrons it needs for peak performance.

Frylow’s ingenious design works in low- or no-light conditions and makes it effective in any oil or deep fryer. It recharges your oil without using electricity, and it changes your oil’s chemical structure without chemical additives.

By replacing lost electrons, Frylow extends the life of your fry oil, lowers your oil costs, and makes crispier, tastier fried food!

Supercharged Oil Makes Better Quality Fried Food

Charging up your oil improves food quality. It makes the fry oil and food repel each other so the oil will fry the food without soaking into it. Food absorbs less oil and turns out lighter, crispier, juicer, and tastier.

Frylow technology has been thoroughly tested by NSF, SGS, JRFL, JIS, Lucideon, and many other national food safety regulators. It is safe to use and highly effective at extending oil life to improve food quality.

Proven to Succeed

Independently Tested and Verified

Master Chefs’ Institute

Frylow earned the Seal of Excellence after independent testing by the Master Chefs’ Institute. In one test after another, Frylow improved food quality.

The Master Chefs’ Institute tested Frylow’s performance on six types of fried food, including french fries, sweet potato fries, fried chicken wings, fried chicken tenders, fried onion rings, and fried calamari.

In all head-to-head comparisons, food made with Frylow in the deep fryer ranked better than food cooked in ordinary fry oil. Frylow was the overwhelming winner for crispiness and also came out ahead in taste, appearance, color, and aroma.

For more details, download the full report.

International Research Institute of Natural Products

Tests conducted by the International Research Institute of Natural Products showed better performance from oil with Frylow. French fries and chicken strips cooked faster and absorbed less fry oil in a fryer with Frylow compared to one without Frylow.

Save On Restaurant Frying Oil Costs - How Frylow Works

How can a simple ceramic device do so much? The secret is electrons.

The Frylow is a Japanese Patented Photo Catalytic ceramic device infused with 7 NSF Approved precious and semi-precious metals. The Frylow is the world’s number 1 oil extending device for use in all commercial deep fryers.

The Frylow’s patented technology conditions and extends your frying oil’s life, saving you up to 50% or more. Some customers, who change their oil quite frequently, have doubled, or even tripled, their oil life. Frylow is considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best frying oil saver in the world. Aside from the Benefits and Savings experienced by many of our Happy Customers, Frylow also greatly reduces carbon footprints.

Considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best commercial frying oil saver in the world, Frylow is an innovative and food safe technology. Qualified by Master Chefs’ Institute, Green Key Global, and Horecava for its excellence, innovation and environmental benefits. Independently tested and approved by NSF, SGS, JIS, & E.U. Lucideon. You can save money, cook safer food, and reduce your carbon footprint with Frylow!

For many of us, nothing provides the comfort of our favorite deep fried foods. But if you’re going to eat delicious deep fried foods, wouldn’t you prefer them to be lower in fat and calories, crispier and lighter tasting and lower in unhealthy acrylamides?

Placing a Frylow in the deep fryer changes the polarity of the oil molecules so that food naturally repels the oil instead of absorbing it. This allows the food to be cooked faster, at a lower temperature, thus reducing harmful acrylamides and producing crispier, lighter, and less oily food.