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Frylow Savings

Save on Frying Oil

Now more than ever, success in the restaurant business depends on keeping costs as low as possible. If your restaurant uses deep fryers, the award-winning Frylow technology could save you up to 50% or more on oil costs alone.

The savings add up fast, with many Frylow users reporting they reached return on investment in 6 months or less. And thanks to its 5-year warranty, you can look forward to saving on oil for years to come.

frylow savings

Guaranteed Fry Oil Cost Reduction

Extend Frying Oil Life

Save Time

Changing the oil in your deep fryer can be messy, time consuming, and even dangerous. Frylow cuts down on staff time spent changing oil by extending oil life and reducing how frequently your frying oil needs to be changed. Longer oil life means less frequent oil changes and less risk to staff. On top of that, Frylow takes hardly any time to install and it’s simple to clean and maintain.

Save Energy

Frylow conditions your frying oil so that it cooks lighter, juicier fried food at a lower temperature. Because Frylow is a photo-catalytic ceramic device, it has no moving parts and does not require any additional power to use – just install it in your deep fryer and let it lower your power usage and utility costs.

Save the Planet

Frylow helps restaurants reduce their environmental impact by decreasing oil waste and power usage. Less oil also means fewer oil jugs, so it’s great for restaurants that want to use less plastic.

Frylow is a recognized Green Key vendor.


Apple Core has been extremely satisfied with the Frylow bricks. We have had them in place for almost 2 years now. We have decreased our fryer shortening by 50% from day 1 and have maintained that same ratio. With our 23 locations we had a savings of 1,094 tubs of oil the first month and have maintained that each month since. That is a savings of $1,284.26 per location per month. Our ROI on Frylow was 3-4 months. The bonus is with the Frylow bricks we were able to turn down our fry temp by about 6 degrees. Apple Core is still saving $1,200 per month per location two years later it’s almost like printing money.

Dusty Jensen
COO, Apple Core Enterprises

We have been using our Frylow device for a couple of years now at our property. I am thrilled with the savings, especially during this time of constant food inflation. Even more exciting is the quality difference it makes in our fried items. Fried food is about texture, taste and colour and we have seen a big improvement in quality of fried items in addition to the cost savings. I highly recommend the product and the ROI, 50 % savings and extended oil life makes it an easy decision.

Jeff Hicks
Executive Chef / Food and Beverage Director
Project Lead Atlific Culinary Advisory Team
Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre

Frylow Savings - Save On Restaurant Frying Oil Costs

The Frylow is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylow’s patented technology conditions and extends your frying oil’s life, saving you up to 50% or more. Some customers, who change their oil quite frequently, have doubled, or even tripled, their oil life. Frylow is considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best frying oil saver in the world. Aside from the Benefits and Savings experienced by many of our Happy Customers, Frylow also greatly reduces carbon footprints.

Considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best commercial frying oil saver in the world, Frylow is an innovative and food safe technology. Qualified by Master Chefs’ Institute, Green Key Global, and Horecava for its excellence, innovation and environmental benefits. Independently tested and approved by NSF, SGS, JIS, & E.U. Lucideon. You can save money, cook safer food, and reduce your carbon footprint with Frylow!

Extend Restaurant Frying Oil Life