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Frylow Reviews

Frylow Reviews

What Owners and Chefs Say about Frylow

Kelly O’Bryan’s & Carlos O’Bryan’s Chain of Restaurants

Frylow Reviews

Kelly O’ Bryan’s & Carlos O’ Bryan’s Chain of Restaurants decided to use the Frylow systems in our busy high volume deep fryers over a year ago.

Prices of fryer oil were on a steady increase and we tested Frylow for a month in one of our locations and quickly saw the results. Frylow is easy to use, very low maintenance and the results were amazing. Not only did it save us almost 50% on our oil consumption, we were able to move to a lower cost fryer oil.

Quality of our products in the deep fryers increased as well. The Frylow system actually cooks the items in oil without saturating the food product with oil, it repels the oil so that items are cooked more evenly, less greasy, and retains the natural juice in our chicken, rib products.

In over a year we saved money, increased quality, we have never had to repair or replace any of our Frylow units, this system is very simple and we are still going strong. I highly recommend it.

Stuart Klassen
Corporate Chef

Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre (Canada)

Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre

We have been using our Frylow device for a couple of years now at our property. I am thrilled with the savings, especially during this time of constant food inflation. Even more exciting is the quality difference it makes in our fried items. Fried food is about texture, taste and colour and we have seen a big improvement in quality of fried items in addition to the cost savings. I highly recommend the product and the ROI, 50 % savings and extended oil life makes it an easy decision.

Jeff Hicks
Executive Chef / Food and Beverage Director
Project Lead Atlific Culinary Advisory Team
Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre

Montana’s Restaurant (Canada)

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I operate 10 Montana’s in Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Frylow about their product and how it works, they stated I’d save 50% of my oil, save on energy and the food quality would actually get better. I agreed to a meeting and went over everything from ease of execution, Operational intrusion etc. So I agreed to have it tested at my lowest sales location and the results were overwhelming! ROI within 6 months and a 5 year warranty to boot! It was a no brainer to get it for all of my other 9 locations. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and have never seen these results! Thanks Frylow.

Tony Pereira
Operating Partner
Fire Inspired Foods

Longwood Brew Pub & Restaurant (Canada)

Longwood Brew Pub Restaurant Logo

Recently we have started using the Frylow system and we are very impressed by how much longer it has extended the life of our cooking oil and with the product that now comes from our deep fryers.

Since installing the Frylow units in our fryers we have been able to almost double our oil life. This translates into a savings of $18,000 per year and the units paid for themselves in 3 months! Combined with the five-year warranty this move was a no-brainer and I would highly recommend any restaurant incorporate it into their business. As well the products coming from the fryer are lighter in colour which makes for a nicer presentation and the food retains more flavour too.

If you are using deep fryers, you should be using Frylow.

Mike Campbell
General Manager
Longwood Brew Pub & Restaurant

Browns Social House (Canada)

Browns Social House

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Huxtable from Frylow Canada throughout the whole trial period and I can honestly say he was amazing to work with. We bought 3 units for my restaurant and the Frylow system has helped cut back oil changes down to two changes a week from the original three we had been doing. Oil quality was improved and it has definitely helped prevent those oily marks on the plates. We used to only allow the staff to fry the calamari in the cleaner oil but now it doesn’t matter which fryer you use. We saw cost savings on oil right from the start, this was a big impact from a controllable that can easily be forgotten about. Maintenance on the units couldn’t be easier! I would definitely recommend this product.

Chris Casado
(Head Chef – Browns Social House – Lynn Valley)

Montana’s Restaurant (Canada)

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Frying oil costs are one of the few controllable costs in the restaurant business and yet most operators don’t pay enough attention to it. I have tried for years to reduce this cost through different rotating cycles, testing and fryer filtering systems with no discernible success. It was recommended to me to try Frylow. I picked one location to test and have achieved tremendous results. I have reduced my oil cost by 55%. The system is very user friendly and easy to monitor. My ROI will be 5 months and with a 5 year guarantee I look forward to huge savings for the remainder. I have since ordered systems for my other restaurants. Support is very good and the rollout to my staff was extremely smooth and uncomplicated. Thanks Chris.

Rick Bennett
(Montana’s BBQ and Bar/ Kelsey’s Original RoadHouse)

Bin 4 Burger Lounge (Canada)

bin4 burger

We are proud users of Frylow, we have 3 locations and the product is being used in all restaurants. We’ve been using Frylow for 1 year and have found the product to decrease the amount of oil we use by 50% saving us $700.00 per month in each location. Items that are cooked in the fryer come out crispy and golden brown. We find Frylow to be an exceptional product.

Mike Ringland
Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Montana’s Restaurant (Canada)

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We have put the Frylow system in six of our eleven Montana’s locations in Alberta, and we are very pleased with the results to date. We have significantly reduced our oil usage at each location from the moment the system was installed. This has led to savings of $400 per month for each location and we have reduced our environmental footprint. In addition, we are changing the fryer less often, thus saving us labour costs. Most importantly, we are serving our guests better products from our fryers. The products look fresher and taste much better across the board.

We will be putting the system in our remaining locations over the next few months. It is a truly remarkable system which is easy to use.

The support Chris gave our teams in the installation process was extremely helpful. He came to our restaurants and showed the teams how to use the system and made sure we were using best practices so we could maximize the benefits from the system.

Dan Rogozynski
Montana’s Franchisee

Kelsey’s Restaurant (Canada)

Being in the Restaurant industry for 25 years cost controlling is a major job in this industry. I heard about Frylow through a few Franchisees and then started to investigate.

I called Chris and discussed with him the whole program. I tested it in our one location and immediately got the results that Chris talked to me about. The product quality was an instant improvement. The system is easy to use and maintain. I have since rolled it out to my second location. My ROI will be 7 months and having a 5 year guarantee makes it a great investment. Thanks Chris.

David Czarnik
Kelsey’s Restaurant

Montana’s Restaurant (Canada)

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We started Frylow in November 2014, the 10 previous months we averaged 57 jugs of oil used a month. Since putting Frylow in over the last 8 months we now average 31 jugs of oil used a month. It is a great product, easy to use, easy to maintain and gave us a very quick ROI of less then 6 months. We now have years of profit to gain. I highly recommend the product, it is worth the investment.

Mike Vanderhoeven
Montana’s, Guelph

Kuku’s Indian Restaurant (Canada)


We purchased 2 Frylows in early 2009 due to the fact we were changing our oil twice a week. First we were kind of skeptical that such a device could actually do all what the sales guy was telling us and so we decided to give it a 2 week trial. When they were installed our food instantly came out lighter in color, crispier and tasting incredible compared to the oil before.

Bottom line is we now get 10 days out of our oil, customers love the fried foods and we have saved literally thousands of dollars in savings. When the Frylow rep came in on July 19th 2012 he asked us if we would give a testament to what we have experienced with the Frylow over the last 3.5 years, and we were more than happy to supply the above.

We would recommend the Frylow to any one using deep fryers.

Phone: 250-590-7705
Randy S. Madahar,
Kuku`s Indian Restaurant, Victoria BC, Canada

Nando’s (Canada)


We used to change our oil once a week. Since we started using the Frylow, we have realized a five day extension in the life of our oil. We have also noticed a substantial improvement in the quality of our fried food. I would recommend this product to all Nandos restaurants so that they can enjoy the same savings and improved food quality that we have. This is a great product that more than pays for itself in savings!

Arun Dodd
GM-Nando’s Langford

Stout Irish Pub (Canada)

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As a pub, we pride ourselves on serving great food! We at Stout have always had a strict oil regimen to ensure both food quality and cost savings. This includes using top quality Sunflower Oil and daily filtering and cleaning of our fryers. With this regiment we were changing the oil in our deep fryers on an average of every 3 days.

Since installing Frylow there has been a noticeable improvement in our food quality and significant savings in our oil purchases. Investing in Frylow was a no-brainer. We are now changing our oil on an average of every 9 days instead of every 3 days. I broke down our annual purchases of oil before Frylow and what we spend now.
Before Frylow:
Oil Change: 3 Days – Yearly fryer oil purchase: $16,680.00
With Frylow:
Oil Change: 9 Day – Yearly Fryer Oil Cost: $5514.00
Annual Savings: $11,166.00

We expect to save in excess of $33,000.00 straight to our bottom line over the next three years of their guaranteed life span.

James let us test it for 2 weeks before buying, and the moment he walked in the door to follow up, I said, “Where do I sign”I put my reputation on this too good to be true product.

Erin Gamelin,
221 Carlton St.Toronto, ON M5A 2L2
Stout Irish Pub
February 13, 2013

Hilton Hotel Group (Canada)

Hilton Garden Inn Hero e1552549213793 1

Frylow Technology and Safety – I am very eco-friendly conscious and when the Frylow was presented to me I agreed to try it out as the Hilton Hotel Group in Europe had successfully put it to the test. I reduced my temperature, was able to cook my product quicker!!! And our cooking oil lasts over 70% longer. This works, it saves money, time, cooking oil, energy, reduces our waste, carbon footprint and more importantly creates a healthier and tastier product. I recommend without hesitation.

Carlos Roche
Hilton Hotel Group
Head Chef

Restaurant Batifol (Canada)

le batifol restaurant lac beauport beauport

This system is fantastic; I don’t understand the photo catalytic principle, but I do know that since I’ve started using the Frylow photo catalytic system for my deep-frying, I’ve saved more than 50% on the cost of fryer cooking oil. Foods are crispier, and the quality of my fries is excellent.

Sébastien Martel
Restaurant Batifol – Quebec City

Waterloo Regional Police Association (Canada)

waterloo police

This is a marvelous product. After using the product for almost a year I am still an
enthusiastic fan. My oil consumption and cost have dropped by two thirds. That is, I use 4 x 17.3 litre jib oil in a three-week period. Compared to 4 x 17.3 litre jib per one-week period a year ago. The taste and crispness of the food has not diminished at all. If anything, it is more flavourful since less oil is absorbed.

Before Frylow
Using 4 x 17.3 litre jib per week @ $40.99 = $163.96 per week x 3 weeks = $491.88 per 3 weeks

After Frylow
Using 4 x 17.3 litre jib per 3 weeks @ 48.96 per =$195.84 per 3 weeks. Difference of $296.04 even with an oil price increase of $7.97 per 17.3 litre jib

Brenda Crane
Waterloo Regional Police Association

McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon (Canada)

McSorley's Saloon Grill

We had the Vito filtration system and had problems with it.

Since we installed the Frylow system our oil consumption has been reduced and the payment plan we have has the thing paying for itself in a year !

I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

second banana
Simon Hanlon
McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon

Victory Cafe – Toronto (Canada)

Victory Cafe

As a busy Pub in Central Toronto we have trailed different oil products in an attempt to reduce our oil cost on this substantial, ongoing expense. These trials produced limited success so when Frylow was brought to our attention we were open to see if the product would work as advertised. After a demo of the product I am happy to say that Frylow does exactly as advertised. We now run all 3 of our deep fryers at a lower temperature and the food comes out crispy and golden no matter how dark the oil gets. We have also doubled the life of our cooking oil and reduced our oil costs by half.

Blake Smith
Victory Cafe (Toronto Canada)

The Feathers Pub – Toronto (Canada)

feathers pub

When the FryLow was first brought to us I will admit that I was quite sceptical. How was this little metal box with a few black spheres worth over $1000.00, how would it even come close to saving me that much money?

To be honest I’m still not really sure how it works. But what I can tell you is that the food that comes out of our fryers is crisper, less oily and tastes fantastic. But most amazingly the Frylow has doubled the effective life our oil, cutting one of our major costs in half.

So to anyone who is thinking about it, definitely give it a try.

David Owen
The Feathers Pub (Toronto, Canada)

Betty’s – Toronto (Canada)


We had reservations about using Frylow when it was first introduced, but considering the volume of oil our restaurant goes through each week, we decided to try it for a week to see what it could do; after all, who doesn’t want to lower their food cost? Frylow was put in the oil and WOW, it did exactly as was promised. Food is crispy, golden and light in taste. We’ve extended our oil life by 4 days and run both of our fryers with it, so not only are we using less oil, we are saving time and considerable effort in having to replace the oil less frequently. I strongly endorse Frylow for any Kitchen Manager who is interested in lowering their food and/or labour costs.

Michaela Jeffs
Betty’s (Toronto, Canada)
Kitchen Manager

Ristorante Pulcinella Inc. (Canada)


The Frylow is one of the best new kitchen tools I have ever used. At first I was a little skeptical. How was I to believe that this piece of metal with some balls in it was going to prolong the life of my oil and help pump out better quality fried product? Well it has, here at Pulcinella our oil is lasting three to four days longer. The product is coming out consistently lighter in color and a lot less greasy. We were also able to drop the temperature of our fryers by twenty degrees. I still cannot completely explain the Frylow, but I can say that it has worked wonders for Pulcinella.

Dennis Dittrick
The Pantry Hospitality Corporation
Director of Operations

The Pantry (Canada)

the pantry

We have tested the “Frylow” in our corporate store for two months and were very pleased with the results. This attachment extended the life of our shortening by almost double, and we have now recommended this product to our Franchisees. Several locations have subsequently purchased these units. We have been told that these units typically last 5-7 years. With the immediate savings we have experienced, it is projected that these attachments will pay for themselves within 6 months. This would leave several years of “incremental profit.” We would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who uses a deep fryer.

Dennis Dittrick
The Pantry Hospitality Corporation
Director of Operations

Montana’s Restaurant (Canada)

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We started Frylow in November 2014, the 10 previous months we averaged 57 jugs of oil used a month. Since putting Frylow in over the last 8 months we now average 31 jugs of oil used a month. It is a great product, easy to use, easy to maintain and gave us a very quick ROI of less then 6 months. We now have years of profit to gain. I highly recommend the product, it is worth the investment.

Save On Restaurant Frying Oil Costs

The Frylow is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylow’s patented technology conditions and extends your frying oil’s life, saving you up to 50% or more. Some customers, who change their oil quite frequently, have doubled, or even tripled, their oil life. Frylow is considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best frying oil saver in the world. Aside from the Benefits and Savings experienced by many of our Happy Customers, Frylow also greatly reduces carbon footprints.