Frylow Press Release Dec 2016

Frylow Press Release Dec 2016

Frylow Corporate, in conjunction with Frylow America, is proud to announce that after extensive testing by the world renowned Master Chefs Institute, that Frylow has qualified for and received the Master Chefs Institute’s highest award, “The Seal of Excellence”.

Frylow is the world leading technology for tastier, healthier fried food and frying oil reduction. The Master Chefs Institute’s “Seal of Excellence” provides a powerful third party and independent statement to our clients, the media and our peers that our product has been judged by many of the world’s greatest chefs and that Frylow is superior its performance, application and quality.

The detailed and comprehensive Master Chefs Institute’s Report shows exactly how products performed on a wide range of testing parameters including taste, texture, appearance, aroma, crispiness and consistency. The report includes all pertinent data and a thorough review of product strengths and performance characteristics.

Frylow is honored to have qualified to receive the Master Chefs Institute’s “Seal of Excellence” and to be recognized by the Master Chefs Institute and their team of Master Chefs, including many of the world’s culinary elite.

To read the Master Chefs’ Institute Executive Summary CLICK HERE

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