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No matter the size of deep fryer you have, Frylow can cut your oil costs and make the crispier, better tasting fried food that will keep your patrons coming back for more. Frylow is for commercial or industrial oil fryers, and is suitable for a restaurant, commercial kitchen, cruise ship, or cafeteria.

Most Popular

Frylow Models


Frylow’s most popular model is the FL-25.

You can find it in the deep fryers of restaurants, hotels, pubs, casinos, cruise ships, and commercial kitchens worldwide.

Model Specifications

This versatile oil saver is perfect for fryers with up to 30 liter or 60 lb oil capacity.

Larger Deep Fryers

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Frylow’s FL-40 is built to boost the performance of large deep fryers.

This model is used by restaurants with big deep fryers to save big on oil costs.

Model Specifications

The FL-40 works in fryers with up to 45 liter or 90 lb oil capacity.

Food Manufacturing

fl 100


The FL-100 is an industrial model engineered to handle the biggest fryers.

This model offers large-scale savings by lowering production costs for fried food manufacturers.

Model Specifications

Good for fryers with up to 110 liter or 220 lb oil capacity.

Food Trucks, Counter Top, and Split Vat

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Compact yet powerful, the FL-15 is widely used in food trucks, split vat and counter-top fryers.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone in the mobile food service industry or catering.


Model Specifications

Designed for fryers with up to 16 liter or 32 lb oil capacity.

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Save On Restaurant Frying Oil Costs

The Frylow is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylow’s patented technology conditions and extends your frying oil’s life, saving you up to 50% or more. Some customers, who change their oil quite frequently, have doubled, or even tripled, their oil life. Frylow is considered by many in the restaurant industry to be the best frying oil saver in the world. Aside from the Benefits and Savings experienced by many of our Happy Customers, Frylow also greatly reduces carbon footprints.