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What Owners and Chefs are saying about using Frylow

Tender Greens

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We installed Frylow in 2016 at all 27 of our locations and overnight we cut our fryer oil consumption by half, made our fried foods tastier and sped up operations. I’m saving significantly each month across the group. This is one technology and company that does what it says it’s going to do. And now three years later, with a 5-Year performance warranty, I have settled in for the long haul buying more as we expand. I endorse it completely.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

” After completing our due diligence at the largest and one of the busiest Ruth’s Chris in the U.S., our group has rolled out Frylow in all our locations. These are the results we got from Frylow:

  • Better tasting product
  • 10-20% reduced cook time
  • 10F reduced oil temps
  • More evenly cooked product with no burning tips or fragment
  • We typically changed our oil every 3-4 days and now go 10-12 days.

I don’t need to tell you the savings this brings to the table on overall cost and oil.”

Jeffrey M Blair, DOO
Hoosier Hospitality Group
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

P&O Cruises & Cunard, Carnival Australia

P and O Cruises

Well and truly, the Frylow units are working very well, on both, the Pacific Jewel and Pacific Pearl. An oil saving of 50% for the deep-fat fryers is evident. At the same time, fried food comes out much crispier and even tastier as the oil of course holds its performance factors much longer and more consistent. So, in other words, a huge step ahead and an investment well worth it.

Uwe Stiefel
P&O Cruises & Cunard, Carnival Australia
Corporate Executive Chef

Talk with Hugh Groman About Frylow

“Phil’s Slider’s is a small quick service restaurant in downtown Berkley. One of our specialties here in addition to our sliders, which is (like) our reason for being, is our home made potato tots & that is what has put us on the map. We’re passionate about quality, you know, we use the finest local grass fed beef. We make everything from scratch… We’re really passionate about food so hopefully that has translate and people understand that.

We do have deep fryers in both operations. We have a big catering kitchen nearby and we have two deep fryers here as well and as soon as we figured out how Frylow worked and how effective it was we immediately purchased 4 units.

Initially I was like… you know… another inquiry about something someone wants to sell me and I could have put you off… and eventually you guys got through to me and when I saw the product in action I was really impressed.

Roughly I would say we are getting about 3 times more use out of our oil than we were before, which is a huge money saving. Anything you can do to cut costs is really helpful. To me it’s like a life-saver. The fact that it uses less oil, it cooks the food faster… it is lighter but it also just…. The oil last longer. All of those benefits are really valuable.

We’re saving probably 60% on oil.

There’s no adjustment period. It’s super easy. It’s proved to be really durable and it’s really low maintenance, amazingly low maintenance.

I would definitely recommend Frylow to anyone in the food service industry who uses deep fryers. I have zero regrets about purchasing this product. It is great!”

Hugh Groman


Apple bees See You Tomorrow

Apple Core has been extremely satisfied with the Frylow bricks. We have had them in place for almost 2 years now. We have decreased our fryer shortening by 50% from day 1 and have maintained that same ratio. With our 23 locations we had a savings of 1,094 tubs of oil the first month and have maintained that each month since. That is a savings of $1,284.26 per location per month. Our ROI on Frylow was 3-4 months. The bonus is with the Frylow bricks we were able to turn down our fry temp by about 6 degrees. Apple Core is still saving $1,200 per month per location two years later it’s almost like printing money.



Dusty Jensen
COO, Apple Core Enterprises

Montanas BBQ and Bar/ Kelsey’s Original RoadHouse

Frying oil costs are one of the few controllable costs in the restaurant business and yet most operators don’t pay enough attention to it. I have tried for years to reduce this cost through different rotating cycles, testing and fryer filtering systems with no discernible success. It was recommended to me to try Frylow. I picked one location to test and have achieved tremendous results. I have reduced my oil cost by 55%. The system is very user friendly and easy to monitor. My ROI will be 5 months and with a 5 year guarantee I look forward to huge savings for the remainder. I have since ordered systems for my other restaurants. Support is very good and the rollout to my staff was extremely smooth and uncomplicated.

Montana’s Belleville
Kelsey’s Brockville
Cell: 613-968-0869

Rick Bennett
Montanas BBQ and Bar/ Kelsey’s Original RoadHouse

Cottonwood And Palo Verde Country Club Restaurants

Food and Beverage Director at Sun Lakes

“As Food and Beverage Director at Sun Lakes HOA #2, I have to always pay attention to food costs and fryer oil costs are always a headache to manage. Frylow has cut oil costs over 50% and they began working from the moment they went into my fryers. Equally significant, it has had a huge impact on our fried food flavor profiles. I couldn’t recommend Frylow more highly.”


Marshall Reichert
(Cottonwood and Palo Verde Country Club Restaurants) Sun Lakes, AZ
Food & Beverage Director, HOA#2