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We are dedicated to providing a top quality product with great customer service. We have a proven track record of lowering operating costs, improving food quality, reducing carbon footprint and saving customers money.

How much will Frylow save you?
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What to Expect from Frylow

  • Healthier Fried Foods
  • Shorten Cooking Times
  • Reduce Oil Absorption

Improved Food Quality

All photos shown here are of products cooked in the same oil 5 minutes apart. First without Frylow then with Frylow inserted in the fryer. In addition to the improved look of the food there is significant improvement to the taste and texture.

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Rick Bennett
(Montanas BBQ and Bar/ Kelsey’s Original RoadHouse)

Frying oil costs are one of the few controllable costs in the restaurant business and yet most operators don’t pay enough attention to it. I have tried for years to reduce this cost through different rotating cycles, testing and fryer filtering systems with no discernible success. It was recommended to me to try Frylow. I picked one location to test and have achieved tremendous results. I have reduced my oil cost by 55%. The system is very user friendly and easy to monitor. My ROI will be 5 months and with a 5 year guarantee I look forward to huge savings for the remainder. I have since ordered systems for my other restaurants. Support is very good and the rollout to my staff was extremely smooth and uncomplicated. Thanks Chris.

Chris Casado
(Head Chef – Browns Social House – Lynn Valley)

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Huxtable from Frylow Canada throughout the whole trial period and I can honestly say he was amazing to work with. We bought 3 units for my restaurant and the Frylow system has helped cut back oil changes down to two changes a week from the original three we had been doing. Oil quality was improved and it has definitely helped prevent those oily marks on the plates. We used to only allow the staff to fry the calamari in the cleaner oil but now it doesn’t matter which fryer you use. We saw cost savings on oil right from the start, this was a big impact from a controllable that can easily be forgotten about. Maintenance on the units couldn’t be easier! I would definitely recommend this product.

Tony Pereira
(Montana’s Franchisee)

I operate 10 Montana’s in Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Frylow about their product and how it works, they stated I’d save 50% of my oil, save on energy and the food quality would actually get better. I agreed to a meeting and went over everything from ease of execution, Operational intrusion etc. So I agreed to have it tested at my lowest sales location and the results were overwhelming! ROI within 6 months and a 5 year warranty to boot! It was a no brainer to get it for all of my other 9 locations. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and have never seen these results! Thanks Frylow.

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Master Chef’s Certified – Frylow Oil Life Extending Device

Does Frylow Really Work ?

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Frylow Econolease


$35 + Taxes per month

*Based on a 60-month term, OAC

12-60 month terms available with monthly, weekly & seasonal options.

Best terms & rates in the industry


Best terms & rates in the industry


Payments are tax deductible


Digital Application & Documentation


Digital Application & Documentation


Own equipment at the end of the term


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Chris Huxtable

President – Frylow Canada

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Chris Huxtable
Phone: 250-589-8338
Email: chris@frylow.comWebsite: canada.frylow.com

Phone: 250-589-8338
Email: chris@frylow.com
Website: canada.frylow.com

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Phone: 1-514 820-8164
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