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We are dedicated to providing a top quality product with great customer service. We have a proven track record of lowering operating costs, improving food quality, reducing carbon footprint, and saving customers money.

What to Expect from Frylow

Improved Food Quality

All photos shown here are of products cooked in the same oil 5 minutes apart. First without Frylow then with Frylow inserted in the fryer. In addition to the improved look of the food there is significant improvement to the taste and texture.

Frylow Testimonials

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Mike Campbell

(General Manager – Longwood Brew Pub & Restaurant)

We are very impressed by how much longer it has extended the life of our cooking oil and with the product that now comes from our deep fryers. Since installing the Frylow units in our fryers we have been able to almost double our oil life. This translates into a savings of $18,000 per year! Combined with the five-year warranty this move was a no-brainer. As well the products coming from the fryer are lighter in colour which makes for a nicer presentation and the food retains more flavour too. If you are using deep fryers, you should be using Frylow.

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Tony Pereira

(Montana’s Franchisee)

I operate 10 Montana’s in Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Frylow about their product and how it works, they stated I’d save 50% of my oil, save on energy and the food quality would actually get better. I agreed to a meeting and went over everything from ease of execution, Operational intrusion etc. So I agreed to have it tested at my lowest sales location and the results were overwhelming! ROI within 6 months and a 5 year warranty to boot! It was a no brainer to get it for all of my other 9 locations. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and have never seen these results! Thanks Frylow.

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Executive Chef / Food and Beverage Director

(Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre)

We have been using our Frylow device for a couple of years now at our property. I am thrilled with the savings, especially during this time of constant food inflation. Even more exciting is the quality difference it makes in our fried items. Fried food is about texture, taste and colour and we have seen a big improvement in quality of fried items in addition to the cost savings. I highly recommend the product and the ROI, 50 % savings and extended oil life makes it an easy decision.

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Master Chef’s Certified – Frylow Oil Life Extending Device

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