Waterloo Regional Police Association

waterloo-police“This is a marvelous product. After using the product for almost a year I am still an
enthusiastic fan”.  My oil consumption and cost have dropped by two thirds. That is, I use 4 x 17.3 litre jib oil in a three-week period. Compared to 4 x 17.3 litre jib per one-week period a year ago. The taste and crispness of the food has not diminished at all. If anything, it is more flavourful since less oil is absorbed.

Before Frylow
Using 4 x 17.3 litre jib per week @ $40.99 = $163.96 per week x 3 weeks = $491.88 per 3 weeks

After Frylow
Using 4 x 17.3 litre jib per 3 weeks @ 48.96 per =$195.84 per 3 weeks. Difference of $296.04 even with an oil price increase of $7.97 per 17.3 litre jib

Brenda Crane
Waterloo Regional Police Association

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