Oaks Park

Oaks Park (Portland, Oregon)

In by Philip Li

We put Frylow in one of our three fryers to put it to the real test. We liked what it did to the quality of the food so much, that we started using the fryer with Frylow for everything!

The chicken strips are now moist and not greasy with a nice texture when cooked with Frylow. The cook time is shorter and the customers are talking about the quality and taste.

We also noticed the rate of evaporation of the trans fat free oil is reduced. We were changing our oil every three to four days and now are getting sixteen days out of it and use it more often than the others! That is an oil cost reduction of 75%!

Based on the longer life of the oil, we paid for the Frylow in 6 weeks and are using 7% less energy. I will be getting Frylow for all our fryers.

We also went from having our fryers at 365*F to 340*F. We have been serving our community with family fun for over 104 years and are proud to be serving a healthier food product also!