Man Lin Wah Chinese Restaurant

Man Lin Wah

In by Philip Li

Our restaurant, Man Lin Wah, has been proudly serving the Shire community from it’s location in Miranda for 28 years. As owner and manager, I am always searching for products that can improve food quality and make customers return – and also save money wherever possible. I saw Frylow at the Sydney Fine Food Show in September 2009 and was very impressed with the claims made. Many Chinese fried foods such as Dim Sims and calamari readily absorb oil so improving the crispiness and taste is a very attractive proposition. Frylow made an immediate impact with food being clearly crisper and oil lasting almost double the time it did previously. I recommend you come to my restaurant and taste the quality of the food and bring your friends. I would also like to recommend Frylow to all restaurant owners as it works as well as it claims