Kukus Take Out and Delivery

Kuku`s Indian Restaurant

In by Philip Li

We Purchased 2 Frylows in early 2009 due to the fact we were changing our oil twice a week. First we were kind of skeptical that such a device could actually do all what the sales guy was telling us and so we decided to give it a 2 week trial. When they were installed our food instantly came out lighter in color, crispier and tasting incredible compared to the oil before.
Bottom line is we now get 10 days out of our oil, customers love the fried foods and we have saved literally thousands of dollars in savings.When the Frylow rep came in on July 19th 2012 he asked us if we would give a testament to what we have experienced with the Frylow over the last 3.5 years, and we were more than happy to supply the above.
We would recommend the Frylow to any one using deep fryers.

Phone: 250-590-7705