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In by Philip Li

We have now had the Frylow device operating in our pub / bistro fryers for almost 2 weeks. This particular outlet is very high volume and with a high percentage of fried items on the menu from chips and wedges through to chilli salt squid, fish and chips and seafood stands. In normal operation we would be inclined to change the oil twice per week particularly after a weekend trade. We also have a chicken parmigiana night where up to 150 chicken schnitzels will be sealed in the fryer.We were impressed with the potential of the Frylow units when installed on the first day. As you were aware the oil was closed to being discarded the day we fitted the units. A test was conducted by which we cooked some chips in the oil which realistically was ready to be discarded, as expected the chips came out pasty and unappetizing. On inserting the unit and cooking more chips in the same oil the result was close to that of a product that had been cooked in relatively fresh oil. We, in turn, used the oil with the Frylow units in for another two days.

Following that we replaced the oil ready for the June long weekend with both fryers having the Frylow units installed. This weekend was extremely busy with high volume. The oil which normally would have been dumped after such a weekend continued to perform and deliver a quality product throughout the whole week, including the Wednesday parmigiana night and incredibly through the entire following weekend. The chefs who would normally discard the oil at the slightest quality issue with the food coming out were the ones who wanted to test the oil to the limit. The key being not to use the oil color as a indiction of the quality but use the quality of the product exiting from the fryer as the key indicator to oil quality and when to change. This has been an education process for us all, it speaks volumes for the potential benefit of not only producing a quality and more healthy product but a notable cost saving when using the Frylow units on oil consumption.