Cambs cuisine


In by Philip Li

We are extremely happy with the Frylow units that we have installed into the fryers in our restaurants. The results are astounding!! We are making significant savings on oil costs, and we are getting consistent results with our fried products. I, as well as our chefs are amazed that something seemingly so simple, can make such a difference.

I wish you great success for the future with your product.

I urge anyone doing frying to invest in Frylow, to make significant savings on oil costs, and gain consistent results.

The Cock Inn, Hemingford Grey 
The Cambridge Chop House, Kings Parade, Cambridge
The St.Johns Chop House, Northampton Street, Cambridge
The Tickell Arms, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire
SmokeWorks, Free School Lane, Cambridge
The Cambridge Dining Company, Quality Catering Providers