A Talk with Peter W Osborne About Frylow.

In by Philip Li

“Momo’s is one of 4 restaurants that I own and operate. We’re a high volume restaurant specializing in American comfort food. We care a great deal about the quality of our product. We sell a lot of burgers which come with French fries, we sell a lot of fried calamari, and to be able to serve a delicious French fry when we open at 11 o’clock and a delicious calamari when we close at 10 o’clock is absolutely mandatory. We don’t have time to change the oil during the course of the shift.

We have someone come to us and sell us something everyday. It is the rare exception that we go ahead with, even an exploration… a test run, just because there are so many gimmicks out there and we don’t have time to entertain gimmicks.

Frylow was a different beast in as much as all we had to do was put it in our fryer and see what happened and what we found is it cut our oil usage in half therefore extending the life of the oil that we were using on a daily basis while achieving the number one goal which is serving a high quality product.

It is the best fryer additive on the market. Let me put it to you this way… I wouldn’t open another restaurant without Frylow in the fryers. I’ve spent a lot of money on oil in the last 10 years and would have loved to have this product available then.

It’s a rare find that you can embrace something into your standards of operation that is a low maintenance, highly effective enhancement to what you’re doing.

Take my word for it… this Frylow “F-ing” works.”